Location of Kamchia resort, Bulgaria

Map location of Kamchia resort, Varna region, Bulgaria

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Situated in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea Riviera.

The Kamchia resort is situated about 30 km to the south of Varna city and about 110 km to the north of Bourgas town.

The resort is situated just next to the outflow of Kamchia River. The river rises from the East side of the Balkan mountain and before running into the Black sea it makes a small delta, which calmly overflows the sandy beach strip. There is a beautiful beach around the outflow of the river. The sand has become finer and better through the years, because of the natural floods of the river. Another attractive side is the so-called dense forest within the boundaries of the place, that's why it is called "Dense forest". The forest is represented by evergreen lianas, which are winding around the trees and make an unique tangle of beautiful green, winding plants.

The Black Sea summer season begins from April and lasts till the end of September. That makes a whole six-month period.


Regular bus services to regional centers Bourgas (110 km) and Varna (30 km).
Connections world wide via Varna international airport, harbour, railway station.

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